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Terms of car rent without a driver:
- The age of the person renting a car has to be no less than 25 years old 
- He/ she has to provide passport, driving licenses, for the citizens of CIS a certificate from work  

Use of cars:
- The mileage of the day should not exceed. In case car rent mileage will exceed this number the supplement will be 0,35 per km.
- In case he/she wants to travel abroad, it is necessary to coordinate with "DRIVE KG".

Delivery ща cars for rent:
- Clock free shipping vehicles, including holidays and weekends.

Car Rent rates include:
- Car insurance
- Chassis repair

Payment is accepted:
- By cash
- By bank transfer

Payment Terms:
- Making a full payment when getting a car
- Making a guarantee deposit of 1000 $ when getting a car for rent and receiving it back when returning the car.

Deposit can be kept in whole or partly in case of:
- If the tire was torn, or the glass broken - the amount of the damage is kept
- If the car is scratched or dented:
         for less than 500$ - held for only the amount of damage to repair
         for more than 500$ - $ 500 is held, the rest is covered by insurance
- If the car is completely broken, $ 1,000 is held, and the rest covered by insurance.

Terms of car rent with driver:
- The entire amount of the lease payment is made ahead
- Fees should be paid 1 day before the commencement of the lease
- Cancellation more than 24 hours is carried out without charge
- In case of cancellation less than 24 hours is charged 30% as penalty


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Kyrgyzstan car for rent 4

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Kyrgyzstan cars for rent 4

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Our company gives you a wonderful chance to rent a car with and without a driver. We offer car rent terms on the lowest prices. Preparing documents for renting a car in our company is executed within the shortest period of time in Bishkek. For more thorough information about car rent you can learn by sending us an email to our car rent company in Bishkek. Our managers can provide you a big choice of cars for rent for you and for your friends. Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan is very convenient for business and leisure travel. We will be always happy to offer car hire at excellent prices.

We offer the following car rent services:
- Rent a car for a long time without a driver
- Rent a car for a short time without a driver
- Rent a car with driver
- VIP cars rent
- Meetings at the airport


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