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Car rent without a driver is very convenient for the tourists and those who came to our beautiful country for a business. If you use our services you will understand that car rent without a driver is a very convenient of moving around. In our company you can select the best car that will fit your desires. Car rent without a driveк will help you to enjoy the freedom of movement. Our company guarantees high quality services of this kind. 

Toyota 4Runner  

It is a perfect car for driving in the mountains. This model is the most popular among our customers, a good combination of quality and price. Thanks to its compact size and quite high passability, Toyota 4Runner is fairly considered to be the most convenient car, an excellent option for car rent without a driver. 93% of Kyrgyzstan territory is mountainous, so take a chance to discover the most treasured corners of the land of nomads! 



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Lexus GX470

 Lexus GX470 is a SUV of premium class which can overcome any off-road terrain. This 4X4 car received its all-wheel drive system from Toyota Land Cruiser 100 complemented by the V8 engine of 4.7 liters. All this makes the Lexus GX470 one of the most dynamic models in its class. Lexus GX470 demonstrates high efficiency and environmental friendliness. This car is an excellent example of price and comfort. Having its quite compact dimensions, it is one of the most popular cars for business trips within the city, as well as mountainous roads for Kyrgyzstan due to its comfort. Evaluate the comfort of Lexus GX470 and realize your plans!

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Lexus LX470

A large SUV of business class Lexus LX470 is essentially a luxury version of the 4X4 cars.  Belonging to a luxury class LX470 promises the customer high comfort and individuality. The design of Lexus LX470 is a vivid example of how the power and technical excellence can be perfectly combined with the beauty and elegance. The spacious interior part of LX470 is equally elegant and is designed for seven people. Now you can safely go on the dirt roads, as LX470 is equipped with excellent suspension especially for mountain roads. Lexus takes care of safety as much as the comfort. Make your choice in favor of the Lexus LX470 and feel the benefits in everything!

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200  
It is the biggest SUV of business class we have. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is one of the most reliable cars in the world. For mangy generations Toyota Land Cruiser make the best possible cars for mountains roads. Belonging to 4X4 class it promises the customer high comfort and individuality. The design of this car is a good example of how the power and technical excellence can be perfectly combined with the beauty and elegance. The spacious interior part is equally elegant and is designed for seven people. Now you can safely go on the dirt roads, as Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped with excellent suspension especially for mountain roads. Toyota takes care of safety as much as the comfort. Chose this car to have a great tour! 

Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

     Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Car Rent in Central Asia
Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan      Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan    
Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan      Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia is a huge SUV. It is a powerful and roomy car with exceptional characteristics of passability, good in driving in the highways as well as in dirt roads. This jeep is comfortable inside and has a carefully thought-out ergonomics. Thanks to its advanced equipment, the car is suitable for trips into the mountains. A distinctive feature of this car is a high capacity and comfort. Optionally, you can install two additional seats, which is a great advantage when choosing a car for a family vacation. Combine comfort with glory and choose Toyota Sequoia!

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Feedbacks from our clients:

Alex and Ati, Switzerland:
Hi! We are Alex and Ati. The trip around the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan was one of the greatest experiences. And that's also thanks to Sergey as a great host and provider and also his rental car that was in great shape and a perfect vehicle for this adventure. Thank you, Sergey! Thank you!  

Konrad, Germany:
Hi! It is Konrad, from "Special Adventure". And we are in "Nomad's Dream" Camp here at Son Kul lake, at 3100 meters altitude! It's a very nice yurt camp with 15 yurts, showers and toilets. Very beautiful and the scene is scenery. It is great! It is very great! Come here and taste the feeling here at the Son Kul lake! 


Andrey, Russia:
I took a car for rent - Runner, Toyota 4Runner. I got it from the manager of Car Rent Company - Sergey.  I have traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, visited Son Kul Lake, Chatur Kul and Issyk Kul Lake.  There is no better car for the mountain area! Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country! Dear fiends, I do recommend it!


Tan Choon Wah, Malasia:
Thank you Sergey for the nice car and well maintained car! So we can explore the nice nature in Karakol and also the Issyk Kul. Thank you so much!  My friends are all having fan and we will see you in Bishkek. Good job! Nice car!



Evgeniy, Georgia:
Greetings to all! I took the car from Sergey, traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, I was everywhere. The car is perfect! Never had any problems. That's the person from which I rented, cool guy. It was great, thanks!   


Car rental in Bishkek.
Our company is pleased to offer car rental with or without driver! We will provide you the high quality service of car rent and offer you the most profitable for you prices in Kyrgyzstan. Filling in of documents is very easy and fast in the office of our car rental company in Bishkek. In order to find out about car rent in Bishkek, you need to write an email to our car rent company in Bishkek. Managers of our company can provide you a big choice of cars for rent for you and your close people in Kyrgyzstan. Car rent in Kyrgyzstan is very convenient for business meetings as well as for leisure. We will be glad to provide you cars for rent with the best prices in Kyrgyzstan. Explore the country with our cars: Toyota 4RunnerLexus GX470Lexus LX470Toyota Land Cruiser 200

For you we offer the following car rent services:
- Car rent without a driver for a short term as well as for a long term
- Car rent with drivers
- Rent of VIP cars
- Organization of meetings and transfers in airport


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Dear guest of our country and friends! We suggest you to have a look at our website where you can find all the interesting information about how to travel Central Asia, namely to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. With our company these countries and cities like Almaty, Dushanbe and others will be very easy to visit. In order to visit them you need a good car. Our company based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan offers you excellent choices of auto for self- drive on which you can also drive to Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. It doesn’t matter where you want to start or finish your trip. We will be able to deliver the cars to any destination you want within the territory of these amazing three countries.

In order to get more detailed information about terms and conditions of car rent without drivers you can consult our managers through our email. They will consult you how to organize an excellent and safe trip in order to visit the most famous highlights, drive to the most beautiful parts of our countries. We can assure you that each of them will have something special to offer. And a good reliable car will be the last perfect complement in organization of your leisure.

However if you are coming to Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan for business we can also offer you our services of auto rent with drivers. In our park you can find many different cars of business class. You can be sure of their look and quality. Besides our drivers have a good experience and know all the roads. They are considerate, reliable, polite and real professionals.

In order to rent cars from us provide copies of your personal ID documents, send us prepayment and book the car. The rest of the payment is to be done on the first day upon you arrival. For cars for rent we accept cash, or credit cards and money transfer can be made either to our bank account or by Western Union to Bishkek, Almaty or Dushanbe.

Should you have any questions concerning the booking or any other relevant issues doesn’t matter whether it is about Tajikistan and Dushanbe we will be always happy to answer. Besides auto rent, please, take into account that we operate as travel agents in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well. We can make interesting tour packages, book hotels, tickets, airport transfers, guides, excursions and many others. Feel free to contact us and arrange the most memorable trip of your lifetime!

There can be such type of events where you might not need self- drive in Bishkek or other towns of Kyrgyzstan where you need car rent with a driver in Bishkek.

Explore the famous Kyrgyzstan's sights and feel the real with car rent.

To rent a car in Kyrgyzstan is the smartest time- consuming solution of this kind of issue. However, there are still some customers who would like to have a more relaxing driving in Kyrgyzstan without worries about car and traffic rules.

You can rent a car for both long term and short term depending on your dates of visit in Kyrgyzstan.

Our car rent company has developed a convenient reservation system and personal services.

Our professional managers specializing in car rental services will help you to choose the best car for rent after having learnt your demands.

Being at the airport you can book or rent a car of our company to travel through countries of Central Asia.

If you do not have your own means of transport, you can rent a car of different class from our office in the center of Bishkek.

You will be accompanied by the professional drivers and transferred by the most comfortable cars if you come to our company to get cars for rent.

All cars for rentals are in a good condition as they undergo regular technical inspection and our specialists properly maintain them.

We have high quality car service and the best prices in Bishkek city. 

Take a drive out of Bishkek in your rental car, put your boots on and hike the many mountain paths and surrounding fields.

Every single moment is dedicated to improvement of our car rental services. 

If you want to take from your Silk Road Trip in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan only positive emotions rent a car and hire a professional driver in our rental company and we promise you will never regret your decision. 

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