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One of the branches of our services in our company is rentingcar with drivers. It will be the best choice for you if you don't want to trouble yourself with driving car thinking about the rules and want to just relax with your friends. We have professional drivers who have a big experience and knowledge of the city and the whole country. All cars are provided on time in a good technical condition.Renting a car with a driver in our company is a fast and best quality service with a good price. Our managers will help you with selecting your car according to your wishes and desires. 


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cars for rent Kyrgyzstan       cars for rent Kyrgyzstan       cars for rent Kyrgyzstan


Car rent without a driver:

Car rent without a driver is very convenient for the tourists and those who came to our beautiful country for a business. If you use our services you will understand that car rent without a driver is a very convenient of moving around. In our company you can select the best car that will fit your desires. Car rent without a driveк will help you to enjoy the freedom of movement. Our company guarantees high quality services of this kind.


Toyota 4Runner  

It is a perfect car for driving in the mountains. This model is the most popular among our customers, a good combination of quality and price. Thanks to its compact size and quite high passability, Toyota 4Runner is fairly considered to be the most convenient car, an excellent option for car rent without a driver. 93% of Kyrgyzstan territory is mountainous, so take a chance to discover the most treasured corners of the land of nomads! 



Kyrgyzstan car rent 1     Toyota 4Runner Car Rent in Central Asia

Cars for rent 2     Rent a car 2

/Car rental 2     Cars rental 2


Lexus GX470

 Lexus GX470 is a SUV of premium class which can overcome any off-road terrain. This 4X4 car received its all-wheel drive system from Toyota Land Cruiser 100 complemented by the V8 engine of 4.7 liters. All this makes the Lexus GX470 one of the most dynamic models in its class. Lexus GX470 demonstrates high efficiency and environmental friendliness. This car is an excellent example of price and comfort. Having its quite compact dimensions, it is one of the most popular cars for business trips within the city, as well as mountainous roads for Kyrgyzstan due to its comfort. Evaluate the comfort of Lexus GX470 and realize your plans!

Rent a car Kyrgyzstan 2     Lexus GX470 Car Rent in Central Asia

Car rental Kyrgyzstan 2     Kyrgyzstan rent a car 2

Kyrgyzstan car rent 2     Kyrgyzstan car rental 2

Lexus LX470

A large SUV of business class Lexus LX470 is essentially a luxury version of the 4X4 cars.  Belonging to a luxury class LX470 promises the customer high comfort and individuality. The design of Lexus LX470 is a vivid example of how the power and technical excellence can be perfectly combined with the beauty and elegance. The spacious interior part of LX470 is equally elegant and is designed for seven people. Now you can safely go on the dirt roads, as LX470 is equipped with excellent suspension especially for mountain roads. Lexus takes care of safety as much as the comfort. Make your choice in favor of the Lexus LX470 and feel the benefits in everything!

Kyrgyzstan rent 2     Lexus LX470 Car Rent in Central Asia

Cars for rent 3     Rent a car 3

Car rental 3     Cars rental 3

Toyota Land Cruiser 200  
It is the biggest SUV of business class we have. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is one of the most reliable cars in the world. For mangy generations Toyota Land Cruiser make the best possible cars for mountains roads. Belonging to 4X4 class it promises the customer high comfort and individuality. The design of this car is a good example of how the power and technical excellence can be perfectly combined with the beauty and elegance. The spacious interior part is equally elegant and is designed for seven people. Now you can safely go on the dirt roads, as Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped with excellent suspension especially for mountain roads. Toyota takes care of safety as much as the comfort. Chose this car to have a great tour! 

Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

     Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Car Rent in Central Asia
Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan      Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan    
Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan      Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan


Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia is a huge SUV. It is a powerful and roomy car with exceptional characteristics of passability, good in driving in the highways as well as in dirt roads. This jeep is comfortable inside and has a carefully thought-out ergonomics. Thanks to its advanced equipment, the car is suitable for trips into the mountains. A distinctive feature of this car is a high capacity and comfort. Optionally, you can install two additional seats, which is a great advantage when choosing a car for a family vacation. Combine comfort with glory and choose Toyota Sequoia!

Cars rent 2     Toyota Sequia Car Rent in Central Asia

Car for rent Kyrgyzstan 2     Kyrgyzstan car for rent 2     

Cars for rent Kyrgyzstan 2     Kyrgyzstan cars for rent 2

Feedbacks from our clients: 

Alex and Ati, Switzerland:
Hi! We are Alex and Ati. The trip around the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan was one of the greatest experiences. And that's also thanks to Sergey as a great host and provider and also his rental car that was in great shape and a perfect vehicle for this adventure. Thank you, Sergey! Thank you!  

Konrad, Germany:
Hi! It is Konrad, from "Special Adventure". And we are in "Nomad's Dream" Camp here at Son Kul lake, at 3100 meters altitude! It's a very nice yurt camp with 15 yurts, showers and toilets. Very beautiful and the scene is scenery. It is great! It is very great! Come here and taste the feeling here at the Son Kul lake! 


Andrey, Russia:
I took a car for rent - Runner, Toyota 4Runner. I got it from the manager of Car Rent Company - Sergey.  I have traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, visited Son Kul Lake, Chatur Kul and Issyk Kul Lake.  There is no better car for the mountain area! Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country! Dear fiends, I do recommend it!


Tan Choon Wah, Malasia:
Thank you Sergey for the nice car and well maintained car! So we can explore the nice nature in Karakol and also the Issyk Kul. Thank you so much!  My friends are all having fan and we will see you in Bishkek. Good job! Nice car!



Evgeniy, Georgia: 
Greetings to all! I took the car from Sergey, traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, I was everywhere. The car is perfect! Never had any problems. That's the person from which I rented, cool guy. It was great, thanks!    



Need a car for rent to travel in Kyrgyzstan, and you do not have time to buy cars and care with hiring drivers? Give these concerns of car rent in Bishkek to us! Our company offerscar rental services in Kyrgyzstan at the convenient and profitable for you system. We offer long-term or short-term car rental with or without a driver in Kyrgyzstan. Our car rental company in Bishkek is able to organize meetings of your business partners at the airport, accommodate them in hotels besides services of car rent. Employees of big companies, international organizations, embassies, consulates, international agencies will be provided with additional discounts for car rent in Bishkek. Our operators for car rent are ready to give you advice and answer any questions you may be interested in. Our cars for rent are in a perfect condition so that you can be confident in the reliability and convenience during the trip. Within 5 minutes you will fill in documents for car rent in Kyrgyzstan and can get the keys for your chosen car for rent with a full tank of petrol will be at your disposal! On our cars for rent you can go to the most beautiful places of our country. Rent a car from us and join the ranks of our happy and satisfied customers and enjoy your visit in Kyrgyzstan. Explore the country with our cars: Toyota 4RunnerLexus GX470Lexus LX470Toyota Land Cruiser 200.  


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You have plans to visit Almaty, or you decided to spend holidays there, but you do not have car. Then welcome to us. We are pleased to announce our service. Our company takes the first place on the Kyrgyz market and rental cars. We could offer you cars of different classes in Kazakhstan. There are discounts for regular customers. We are engaged in the rental of cars, not only in Bishkek and in Osh. You can rent in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan an auto with a driver or without. We offer to you high-class cars with driver or without. Smart prices, fast processing of documents – these are the motto of our team. Also you can drive to Dushanbe and Pamir mountains. The main criterion is that your age should be at least 25 years, you must have driving license, certificate of employment. You pay the full price of auto rent and the security deposit, the deposit will be returned to the client at the time of delivery of the auto to the client. Do you have any questions, please call us. And the best of our managers will answer you and give piece of advices which are necessary for you. We work at any time for, seven days a week, twenty four hours per day. Excellent service in Kyrgyzstan, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Dushanbe, Tajikistan is guaranteed to you! You'll find we are definitely what you're looking for a long time! Work with us in Bishkek - quickly and easily. Our Company has the best prices for travel on our auto in Kazakhstan. We are the best partner for you and your close friends or relatives! Hope to see you!

There are many kinds of cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan.

To expedite the car rent process, please format the form in ways as follow.

Car rent will give an excellent opportunity for our travellers to drive wherever they want to travel in Kyrgyzstan.

We have the following services of car rent in Kyrgyzstan.

We can claim that all our cars for rent are in excellent condition and ensure your safety even in the most difficult parts of Kyrgyzstan.

All cars for rent in our fleet regularly undergo necessary technical inspection and therefore they are always in excellent condition.

If you have limited time, you might consider renting a car and driver through your tour operator in Bishkek.

Before renting a car our car rental company may require the use of a credit card to charge additional fees.

Stay faithful to your dreams and start your unbelievable tour by the best cars for rent offered by the best company!

Take your opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan by leasing car rent.

Within minutes we prepare all the paperwork rental cars

A further 60 minutes along the asphalt road and 45 km from Bishkek are the Ala-Too mountain ranges and the Ala-Archa National Park - the excellent location to explore by rental car for a family holiday or even business trip. 

Our customer is happy with car rental services we provide. 

Toyota 4 Runner is a car that we offer to our clients for rent for self drive to travel in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan as this vehicle does not afraid of off road.

Our main goal is to provide our customers high quality service and the most attractive prices for car rent in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 

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