Traditions and Customs in Kyrgyzstan

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The traditions and customs of Kyrgyz people put efforts to develop and keep it until these days. They took its roots from Turkic and Mongolian nation. When you will travel in Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent, you will see the practice of traditions and customs. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan with services of car rent company, knowing traditions and customs will help you how to behave in specific situations.  It is knowing that Kyrgyz are nation who lived in mountains and thus, their culture is rich. Due to its movements from Turkic tribes to Central Asia, they borrowed many traditions and customs from them. Tours in Kyrgyzstan, will give you an opportunity to learn more about nomadic lifestyle of Kyrgyz people. Anyway almost all nationalities that belonged to the Turkic tribes were similar to each other and thus, they don't differ from each other. They had the same clothes, dwellings, language, music, in general, lifestyle. When you will travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will inform about Kyrgyz life and even participate in their nomadic style. The country is very modern, but they respect all their traditions and customs, because it was given from ancestors. In the course of your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will be inspired how unique Kyrgyz traditions and customs.

Kyrgyz are nomadic people who lived closely with nature, thus made them live in yurts - dwelling to be part of nature and weather. Tours in Kyrgyzstan, will allow you to investigate yurts and learn more about nomads. We think the Kyrgyzstan country worth to visit for seeing such wonderful lifestyle. It is known that Kyrgyz people are very kind and friendly to its guests from abroad. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan, will give you chance to taste the best Kyrgyz food. You will be treated as a king while spending your time with Kyrgyz families. Kyrgyz people are meat lovers, thus, all their food is connected with meat. If you are vegetarian, they will cook for the best vegetable dishes that will not make you indifferent. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will be astonished by Kyrgyz hospitality. Kyrgyz food is closely connected with nomadic way of life. You will have a great opportunity to taste such delights as: "komoch-nan" (round bread), "tandyr-nan". It is baked in tandyr. Tandyr is a traditional oven that made by clay and considered to be popular among Central Asian countries.  This is Kyrgyz oven made of clay. So the next delicious food is "boorsok" (fried pieces of bread), oily, but waste to taste it. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will definitely gain weight, because almost all their food is connecting with dough and meat. There are also drinks as Kymys, made up by mare's milk. On taking in account opportunities to rent a car, it is possible to be involved in the history of the Kyrgyz people. It tastes sour, may be you won't like it, but it is very fresh to taste it in hot weather. They say mare's milk is sacred milk that cures from all diseases. So it is your change to plan your tour in Kyrgyzstan.

The next tradition is wedding one. When a girl is getting marry, she should have her own dowry, she made by herself or her mother. It usually consists handmade blankets, pillows and carpets. She also has to have skills in cooking and household, otherwise she won't be in demand. 

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