Rukh Ordo building

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The Rukh Ordo complex is an ancient site of contact between people of different religions; it is a place for exchanging sentiments and opinions, as well as mutual cultural enrichment. Travelers may enhance their tour by viewing the world of faiths, tales, and historical events while they are here with a car rent. 

Those who use the car rent service in Kyrgyzstan communicate with scientific facts as well as some fantastical truths on a tour. The complex's emergence is purposeful. People aspired to build a location that was inclusive of all religions and nationalities. This is the location picked by various presidents during their tours. The Issyk-Kul Lake runs through the complex in the south, while Kungei Ala-Too runs through it in the north. The complex's basic concept is as follows: it is the hub of five major faiths, all of which are near to each other and exist side by side. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan on tours might allow you to experience the spiritual side of the building's construction. It is symbolized by white chapels, which represent people's tolerance for one another and the need to respect others. Travelers are also allowed to wander throughout the region, the complex's domain, and immerse themselves in history during the tour in Kyrgyzstan.


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