Review of Kyrgyzstan

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Dear travelers! In this review, we tried to give you brief information about the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Our team believes that it is better to have a little knowledge of the country before going on a travel. Various travel companies are popular these days. It is definitely the best idea to contact such travel companies, take a tour from them, because they are experienced, and know best how to get in and out of the country, what places to visit to include in the tour.

Our company has also been working in this area for many years. For travel, we make tours personally according to the preferences of our clients. A great advantage of our company is a huge selection of cars for rent. Our Kyrgyzstan rent a car service is common thing among travelers.

When tourists use our rent car service, we advise them to take all-wheel drive vehicles, especially such as jeeps. When you are going to travel one should take into account that the roads of our Kyrgyzstan are of low quality, sometimes in remote areas, there are gravity and dirty.

Such a tour with cars for rent allows travelers to get to the mountainous regions, where you will have the opportunity to engage in trekking, horse riding, hiking, and also the most interesting thing is to get to know the local nomads and residents. Travelers in the mountainous regions of Kyrgyzstan spend their nights either in guesthouses or in yurts. The choice of a place to spend the night depends entirely on your desire, if you prefer comfort, then you should book guesthouses. And if you like to try something new, then take a yurt. One should take into account the fact that in yurts, the toilet is located on the street and showers are rare. Travelers enjoy our rent cars tour visiting the areas of Kyrgyzstan of unearthly beauty.


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