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Traveling in Kyrgyzstan means going to a country where Muslims predominate in terms of assessments of religion. With our Bishkek rent a car you will have a travel tour of a country closed by majestic mountains and populated by more than 75% - Muslims, about 20% - followers of the Russian Orthodox Church and only 5% - supporters of other religions.

A tour with Bishkek rent a car helps many travelers to recognize that the majority of Muslims are Sunnis, emerging in the 8th century, which led until the late 19th century. The unusualness of travel with a car rental in Kyrgyzstan can be said by mentioning the fact that here you can meet shamans. The second leading religion after Islam in Kyrgyzstan is Christianity. Usually, the followers of Christian's religion here in the country are ethnic Russians and Ukrainians.

Those who have already carried out a tour with car rent in Kyrgyzstan will learn that there is freedom of religion, which could only be dreamed of in Soviet times. Yes, in Soviet times, there was no freedom for religion, people were even forbidden to simply believe in God. However, with the end of the Soviet regime, namely in our time in Kyrgyzstan, any person is free to profess any religion. With our Bishkek rent a car tour, your tour will be top notch.

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Altyn Arashan gorge valley  
Dungan mosque the important site of the tour
Seven Bulls red rocks of the country  
Arslanbob natural forest
Hitch hiking in Ala Archa canyon

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