Musical instruments in Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyz musical instruments are historical gifts from ancestors that completely changed its culture by making it national treasure of Kyrgyzstan. Mostly, Kyrgyz music is connected with nature and mountain. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent, you will be encountered by Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle, landscapes, that considered being an essential part of their living. There are many musical instruments, that played in many events like weddings, competitions or just so. It is famous among locals as well as tourists. Tours in Kyrgyzstan, being the one turning to car rent service company will give you opportunity to play on Kyrgyz national instruments. The development to the musical instruments was influenced by the famous Kyrgyz heritage - Manas epic. The epic is considered to be the longest epic in the world and very famous among tourists. In your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you will have a chance to be participates in the Manas epic event, that will make you inspire by Kyrgyz culture.  The history of the Manas epic goes in 16th and 17th century where the epic was written in. Over the time, the epic was translated in many languages. Tours in Kyrgyzstan, will give you opportunity to see the original book, which consists of more than 500,000 lines of text and divided into two parts.  In order to tell Manas epic you have to be called "manaschi". They are unique and possible to tell it without break. The most interesting thing that, the Manas epic is improvised by manaschis. So it is worth to travel in Kyrgyzstan and try your luck by listening them. There is a national Kyrgyz musical instrument - komuz, by which the manaschis are able to perform the songs and telling. Tours in Kyrgyzstan will give you chance to see such amazing performing by professional manaschis. So, our company is ready to provide such musical tour in Kyrgyzstan and make you stunned.

Let's move on and continue our musician tour in Kyrgyzstan when guests rent a car on their way. The people who play on musical instruments are called "akyns", which are translated narrators. As far as Kyrgyz songs connect with nature and mountains, they almost improvise their songs in process. This feature is making Kyrgyz culture special.

Besides, the main musical instruments of Kyrgyzstan, there are also: komuz, temir-komuz, kyl-kyak, core, sorny, choor and zhetigen. All of them refer to the Kyrgyz legacy. When you will travel in Kyrgyzstan, you will be provided by professional akyns and get master classes. Musical instruments are handmade and made by wood. Your tour in Kyrgyzstan will be unforgettable!

The national songs got their popularity exactly on the use of Kyrgyz musical instruments and closeness with nature and mountains. They used to perform their songs about lifestyle, nomads, birds, animal, people and everything which is connects with nature. In your tour in Kyrgyzstan, you fill find them attractive. So thus, the Kyrgyz musical instruments brought up a great impact to the history. 

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