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Language is a mean of intercultural communication and Kyrgyzstan is not the exception. Without language it is rather difficult to live in society. Kyrgyz language is from the Turkic family, and the first alphabet was adopted as Turkic Runic script, or Orhon-Yenisey script. Then the language turned to Arabic due to religion Islam. With the powers of Soviet Union Kyrgyzstan adopted the language of Cyrillic alphabet with extra non-existing sounds in Russian. Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan it is advisable to know that the official language is Kyrgyz, but the language of intercultural communication, business and trade deals is Russian. As for the language of Kyrgyzstan, there are dialects of it, northern - people speak in the Chui and Issyk Kul valleys and in Bishkek, and southern - people in Fergana valley speak it. The southern dialect was greatly influenced by the Uzbek's community.


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