Kyrgyz traditional drinks

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As is already known in ancient times, the Kyrgyz were nomads and, accordingly, Kyrgyz traditional drinks played an important role when these people needed to quench their thirst. We urge all tourists to take the tour with rented cars service, travel around Kyrgyzstan and taste hearty and delicious Kyrgyz traditional drinks. Kyrgyz drinks are in great demand because they contain many useful and natural ingredients.

One of the most important Kyrgyz traditional drinks, made from mare's milk. Travelers who want to taste this Kyrgyz traditional drink during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service should know that to get milk, it is needed to milk the mares for about 1.5 hours. This drink is mainly found in the pastures of the nomads who serve this drink in leather jugs. Kymyz is endowed with useful vitamins that have a very good effect on the body.

Maksym and Jarma
Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with rented cars service, you can find many varieties of delicious Kyrgyz traditional drinks and Maksim among them. Jarma or Maksym is usually made from talkan, like cereal from wheat, flour, and all this is fried in fat. By the way, during the tour with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service, you will have the opportunity to see the process of making this drink if you prefer. After salt is added and the cereal is boiled for a certain time, then the mixture is left to cool for about 10 hours. This Kyrgyz traditional drink can be drunk both in cold form and in warm. By the way, it quenches thirst easily.

This is Kyrgyz traditional drink made from cow's milk. Those travelers who love dairy products should take the tour with rented cars service in Kyrgyzstan and taste this drink. You will be able to see for yourself the process of making this drink, when the milk is heated, then cooled and fermented for about 8 hours.

Ak Serke
This seemingly strange drink, which is made from beef broth, tastes very pleasant. To prepare this drink like Ak Serke, a liter of broth is used, with 200 grams of buttermilk and salt. After they are mixed, they are left warm. This traditional Kyrgyz drink can be drunk and satiated.

One of the most difficult to prepare drinks among Kyrgyz traditional drinks is bozo, which can be tasted while traveling with car rent Kyrgyzstan Lexus LX470 service . For the preparation of bozo, natural ingredients such as millet, corn, wheat or rice are used. Bozo comes in very strong and medium strength.

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