Kyrgyz Folklore show

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Kyrgyzstan is a country of great folklore shows of different genres. Folklore in Kyrgyzstan is presented by ritual songs for different events. These songs are of two types - sanat and imbue. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent cars guests will listen to songs moralizing proverbs and sayings, various legends and myths of the country, fairy tales. First to note for those starting a tour in Kyrgyzstan: it is considered to be the legend of emergence of the name of the people - Kyrgyz. There is a consideration that words "Kirk" and "Kyz" mean "forty" and "girl". And in accordance with the legend, 40 girls got pregnant as they were drinking water from the river and then they gave birth to 40 Kyrgyz tribes. Talking about other interesting features of people of Kyrgyzstan, they are well-recognized for their feeling to music that is divided into songs and kuu. The latter identifies folk instruments - komuz, kyyak, chopo choor.

Travel on the cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan you will note the amazing work of akyns. They are story-narrators, but actually they are doing improvisation with the help of music of national instruments - komuz or kyl-kyyak. Other great musicians in Kyrgyzstan are manaschi, they narrate the famous epic without stopping. They change intonation and make narration interesting. In the course of a tour you can visit the performance made by manaschi. And actually tour in Kyrgyzstan may be fulfilled with folkshow of professional musicians in Bishkek for 100$ per a group and of amateur local musicians in the village Kochkor for 50$ per a group.

Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan you have a great possibility to get to know the culture of locals and nomads. As Kyrgyzstan used to be nomadic one, there are still lots of representations of such way of life. Our managers are glad to organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan for in accordance with your offers. We are always on your side! 

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