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We are glad to make a short introduction of Kyrgyzstan especially for you. Our company is ready to organize a tour in Kyrgyzstan in accordance with your ideas and suggestions. First you should know before visiting Kyrgyzstan, is that the official name is the Kyrgyz Republic. Kyrgyzstan is a mountain country covered by forests, pastures and meadows. The central part of the country is the Tien Shan Mountains. Generally, our country is great for those who want to di hiking and to enjoy pristine nature of mountains and nature of Kyrgyzstan. The pearl and crown jewel of the country is Lake Issyk Kul, though there are no any seas and lakes flowing in it. As for weather circumstances, summer is hot and is amazing for staring a tour in Kyrgyzstan and visit lakes of the country. Winter is rather severe and is the month for doing winter kinds of sport in special bases. Kyrgyzstan is famous for hospitality, clean air, breath-taking mountains and the first place for playing World Nomad Games and Kok Boru.

Kyrgyz Lakes
Kyrgyz Rivers
Kyrgyz Flora
Kyrgyz Fauna
Kyrgyzstan History


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