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Kyrgyzstan and people of the country are known for their nomadic history of horse games and national games. And long time ago nomadic tribes were famous for showing strength and powers. And national games are all connected with horses, and one of the famous is horse riding, when there is a competition, you have an opportunity to take part in during your tour in Kyrgyzstan. According to the game kok-boru, where there two teams of eight people are throwing a dead goat. This game is a complicated one and competitors need to have powers, strength and skills in riding a horse as 20 pound goat is rather heavy. The other famous game in Kyrgyzstan is Erenish, that demands to struggle on the back of the horse and it is a competition that requires throwing the opponent from the horse.  When young men wanted to get the heart of the beloved, they sang serenades and were showing their fearless actions. In translation the name of the game means "to catch up a girl", and it was a wedding custom. The custom tells us that the groom needs to catch up a bride. But the bride is given more opportunities with faster and stronger horse and 5-10 seconds of faster start. After the groom has caught the bride, he kisses her and then marries. As well famous kind of sport is wrestling alysh is popular as Greco-Roman or free-style. Being in Kyrgyzstan in a tour it is possible to play such games and intellectual games that demands strategic thinking and greater skills and abilities as the game toguz korgool.


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