Historical events of Kyrgyzstan

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Many travelers use car for rent in Kyrgyzstan to explore the history of the country. Our team thinks it will be helpful to tell you a little about our country's history before your trip. All other details from the history of course you will hear during the tour from the guide, as well as local residents, because the history of Kyrgyzstan is extensive.

Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, tourists go to different gorges, where there are historical strange inscriptions telling about the ancient nomads. Now a little about the nomads: they led a nomadic lifestyle, that is, they crossed from one pasture to another while taking all their wealth with them, in other words, they took home utensils, cattle, yurts with them. On a tour with Kyrgyzstan car for rent, you will be more specifically informed that the history is 2000 years old, and in written notes, the history begins in 201 BC.

To get acquainted with the history of Kyrgyzstan, rent a car option is the most necessary thing, because with the help of such a service you can see ancient art. To see this kind of art, travelers go on a tour to the Issyk Kul region to the city of Cholpon Ata, where there is a Gallery of Rock Art. So what does this place tell you? This place will tell you about the Bronze Age on a tour with a car for rent. Do not forget to include this place in your tour to see the images depicted on the walls - petroglyphs, goats, bulls, horses and all animals, scenes of everyday life such as dances, rituals, communication.

Traveling around the magnificent country with Kyrgyzstan car for rent, you will learn that the history of our Kyrgyz begins from 201 BC according to Chinese sources, and the entire ancient history of our small country stretches from 1000 BC before 300 AD. This is not the only information about the Kyrgyz, which you will be told in more detail about on a tour with a car for rent. There is also other information about our people in the chronicle "Historical Notes", which tells about five people who tried to conquer the Hunnu. And finally, one more record about the people of Kyrgyzstan is given in the Han Shu chronicle of the historian Ban Gu. Today, modern scientists do not exclude such an opinion that the territory of the state of the ancient Kyrgyz was in East Turkestan.

On the tour, you will be told what tragic events occurred from 1200 to 1400 due to the non-incidents of the Mongols, who destroyed the fairly developed Turkic culture at that time. Traveling with our Kyrgyzstan car for rent, tourists will learn that the Yenisei Kyrgyz in 1207 were dependent on Genghis Khan. 12-15 centuries in the history of Kyrgyzstan are marked by the fact that nomads began to accept the religion of Islam, due to close ties with Persian, Arab and Turkic traders.

In the 15th century, the territory of the Kyrgyz served as a place of resettlement of people from South Siberia, thereby explaining the lack of states from the 15th to the 19th century among local residents. However, one cannot exclude the attempts of the leaders of the atomistic tribes to reunite the entire people into one state, which did not materialize, but only tribes arose with a political system and views on the beginning of independence.

Then other significant dates in the history of the country are from the 18th century to the beginning of the 20th century, when the Kyrgyz people tried to become part of the Russian Empire. You will learn more about joining the Kyrgyz from the guide on the tour with Kyrgyzstan car rent. Here we note briefly that the Kyrgyz of the north voluntarily wished to join the Russian Empire, as they were afraid of internal and external invasions. However, the south side was annexed by force to part of the empire. Naturally, such changes influenced the transition from a nomadic lifestyle to an agricultural and civil one.

Kyrgyzstan at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1917, is experiencing another significant date, because then the Bolsheviks came to conquer the state of the Russian Empire. There is a statement of the exploitation of people and their equality with each other. This is how the period of the Soviet Union begins; the cultural, political and educational sphere of the country develops. And from the shortcomings of the era of the Soviet Union, it should be noted the prohibitions of beliefs in God. Thus, the prohibition to have any kind of faith led to an increase in the murder of innocent people.

Everything has an end, and thus in 1991 comes the collapse of the Soviet Union. A new page in the history of Kyrgyzstan begins when it receives the status of an independent country. Independence comes and people have a desire to finally become independent, and as a result, there has been a decline in living standards, unemployment and a crisis in political, social and economic life. Nevertheless, independence prompted the country to have its own flag and anthem. In 1992, our little Kyrgyzstan became a member of the UN; in 1993, it adopted its Constitution. The dates that are still celebrated are 2005 and 2010; two revolutions took place on these dates. The reasons for these two revolutions are the people's dissatisfaction with the rule of the presidents.

Today Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country to rent a car for traveling!

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