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Visas in Kyrgyzstan:
We can make a group visa for you. The price is 70$ per person. It can be made if there is 2 and more people in a group. We will need only copies of passports. It takes 10 days for making visa. Group visa - is a special document where we write all the names of the tourists and after checking in Ministry of Inner Affairs they put a group visa on it. Our guide brings it to the airport or to the border and gives to the group.

The best travel season:
The best season to travel in Kyrgyzstan travel is from the middle of June till the end of September. At this time nomads are in the mountains. You will have a chance to meet them and even to spend a night in a yurt.

Yurts in Kyrgyzstan travel:
If tourists want to spend a night in a yurt or just to see them - you should make a tour from the middle of June till the end of Septemebr. At that time nomads are in the mountains and live in yurts.

We have few places for tourists to spend a night in yurts:

1) Jeti Oguz gorge - 15 of June till 10 of September.

2) Tash Rabat Caravanserai - 1 of June till 1 of October.

3) Song Kul Lake - 10 of June till 1 of October.

Kyrgyz-Chinese borders "Torugart" and "Irkeshtam" Do Not work on Saturdays and Sundays. They are also closed for Chinese national holidays.

Kyrgyz-Uzbek border "Duslik" is open all week round.

Kyrgyz-Kazakh border "Ak Jol" is open all week round. It is situated clos to Bishkek. 

In Kyrgyzstan we have only 1 guide courses. They make guides with English, French and German languages. If tourists need another language - we include a guide + interpreter. If to include only an interpreter - tourists will not like it all. This person will be able just to translate and tourists will not get interesting professional excursions. 

The choice of hotels is available only in Bishkek. At Issyk Kul Lake we use 4* hotels, because small hotels and guesthouses do not take booking for 1 night, they prefer clients for 10-15 nights. In the villages we have only home stays. These are real houses of local people, it is very interesting to see their way of life. One home stay usually has 3-4 rooms and 1 common toilet and shower. 

Kyrgyzstan consist 93% of mountains and most roads are in the mountainous. Big buses can not drive there.  You can have buses only around Issyk Kul Lake including the drive to Kochkor village. In other places tourists can only have minibuses Mercedes Sprinter. For big groups we include 2 minibuses. 

If you want to have a second guide for second minibus - you must pay extra price.

In Kyrgyzstan we have quite old big buses - 1990-1990 year production. They are with air condition, but tourists very often do not like their age. We recommend to have  2 minibuses Mercedes Sprinter. 

If you want to have a second guide for second minibus - you must pay extra price.  

Horse Riding games:
Horse Riding games can be organized in 2 places:
1) Near Burana Tower.
2) At the Son Kul Lake.  

Folklore show:
Folklore show can be organized in 2 places:
1) In Bishkek with professional musicians, 150 $ per group
2) In Kochkor village with local musicians, 50 $ per group   

Short Horse Riding:
If tourists want to have short horseback riding trips we can include it here:
1) Chon Kemin gorge, on the way from Bishkek to Issyk Kul Lake. 20$ for 3 hours.
2) Near Son Kul Lake. 10-15$ for 1 hour.
3) Near Tash Rabat Caravanserai. 10-15$ for 1 hour. 

Eagle hunters:
It is possible to visit eagle hunters only on the southern shore of the Issyk Kul Lake. They live in Bokombaevo village. If tourists want to see the hunting show then the hunter is able to show it near Bokombaevo village or they can drove to Jeti Oguz gorge. Price is 150$ per group.

Felt show:
It is possible to see felt show in Kochkor village.

Boat cruise:
It is possible to have boat cruise only on the southern show of Issk Kul lake, in Cholpon Ata town.

To erect the yurt:
If tourists want to erect a yurt themselves then they can do it in the following places:
1) The best place is Son Kul Lake. There are amazing views and nomads are everywhere.
2) Tash Rabat Caravanserai. There is an old Caravanserai and nomads with yurts.
3) Tourists can do it in Kochkor village, but not in the nature - only in the yard of a house.
Price - 80$ per group. 

The best option to buy souvenirs is Kochkor village. They will see masters and can buy souvenirs from them. If Kochor village is not included into the program then tourists can buy souvenirs in Osh bazaar in Bishkek.

Osh bazaar in Bishkek is sometimes closed on Mondays. Usually it happens once a month.
Cattle market in Karakol is open only on Sundays. From 6 a.m. till 11 a.m.

In Kyrgyzstan it is easy to exchange money in Bishkek. Exchange rate of street exchange stocks and banks is slightly different. While in the villages the rate could be much lower.


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