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Our dearest travelers, please do not pass by this advertisement, because in next few minutes you are going to receive an offer which will change your life totally! Have you heard about such wonderful countries as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan? No? Then what are you waiting for? Come to Central Asia - the region, where all those wonderful countries are situated and explore each of them! You will not spend a lot of money here and another great thing is that you can discover them on your own! So you will not follow the restrictions of the touristic program, you will not visit the sightseeings you do not want to see, you will not listen to the endless complaints of other tourists in the group, you will be free! If you choose freedom, then our Kyrgyz car rental company will create the ideal conditions for your travelling! Our car rent company is known for organizing the best self-driving auto tours with or without a driver throughout the countries of Central Asia as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Tajikistan. We work in the most developed cities of this region as Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. Our car rent offices are situated here as well. So do not lose time and contact our auto rent specialists!

Self-driving auto tours are very convenient, because in this case you can do whatever you want. The only things you have to care about is the possible routes, location of sightseeings, petrol station, hotels, hostels, restaurants, markets, shops and other places, which are crucial for travelers. But do not worry - our Kyrgyz car rental specialists will provide you with all required information concerning the cars for rent, political situation, mentality, cuisine and so on. You will arrive here equipped with knowledge. It is possible to get the cars for rent in the cities of Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe. Then drive on these cars for rent and explore Central Asia!

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