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Toyota 4Runner - BEST OFFER!

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Car rent in Kyrgyzstan - Toyota 4Runner

 Cars for rent 2   Toyota 4Runner Car Rent in Central Asia 

Toyota 4Runner    Toyota 4Runner


Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan - Lexus GX470

Kyrgyzstan rent a car 2   Lexus GX470 Car Rent in Central Asia 

Rent a car Lexus GX470   Rental car Lexus GX470 


Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan - Lexus LX470

Cars for rent 3   Lexus LX470 Car Rent in Central Asia

Rent a car Lexus LX470   Rental car Lexus LX470


 Car for rent in Kyrgyzstan - Toyota Land Cruiser 200    

 Car rent in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan   Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Car Rent in Central Asia 

Rental car Toyota Land Cruiser 200      Rental car Toyota Land Cruiser 200


Feedbacks from our clients: 

Alex and Ati, Switzerland:
Hi! We are Alex and Ati. The trip around the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan was one of the greatest experiences. And that's also thanks to Sergey as a great host and provider and also his rental car that was in great shape and a perfect vehicle for this adventure. Thank you, Sergey! Thank you!  

Konrad, Germany:
Hi! It is Konrad, from "Special Adventure". And we are in "Nomad's Dream" Camp here at Son Kul lake, at 3100 meters altitude! It's a very nice yurt camp with 15 yurts, showers and toilets. Very beautiful and the scene is scenery. It is great! It is very great! Come here and taste the feeling here at the Son Kul lake! 


Andrey, Russia:
I took a car for rent - Runner, Toyota 4Runner. I got it from the manager of Car Rent Company - Sergey.  I have traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, visited Son Kul Lake, Chatur Kul and Issyk Kul Lake.  There is no better car for the mountain area! Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country! Dear fiends, I do recommend it!


Tan Choon Wah, Malasia:
Thank you Sergey for the nice car and well maintained car! So we can explore the nice nature in Karakol and also the Issyk Kul. Thank you so much!  My friends are all having fan and we will see you in Bishkek. Good job! Nice car!



Evgeniy, Georgia: 
Greetings to all! I took the car from Sergey, traveled all around Kyrgyzstan, I was everywhere. The car is perfect! Never had any problems. That's the person from which I rented, cool guy. It was great, thanks!    



Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place for self-drive tours. Travelers are in love with our nature and mountain views. During your tour in Kyrgyzstan you will see plenty of unforgettable roads. You can drive along paved roads or travel over high mountain passes.

Our Copmany is one of the leading providers of self-drive cars. We have a wide choice of 4X4 cars in Kyrgyzstan. Also you can travel by our cars to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

You can take a car for rent in Bishkek. Also we can make car delivery to Osh city or Almaty city. Beside car rent in Kyrgyzstan we also work as a travel company. Our managers can advise you the best routes to travel. Also if you take our car for rent we can book some accommodation along the way. It will save your time on looking for addresses and available rooms.

The best time to travel is from May to October. You can take a car without driver very easily. We will prepare all needed documents and provide you a reliable car.


Car rent in Kyrgyzstan becomes more and more popular. During one tour you can experience all 4 seasons! Also you will see so many different mountain views. Take a car without driver for rent to feel real freedom! During even a short tour you will be amazed by the beauty of Kyrgyzstan!  

Car rent with a driver:

One of the branches of our services in our company is renting car with drivers. It will be the best choice for you if you don't want to trouble yourself with driving car thinking about the rules and want to just relax with your friends. We have professional drivers who have a big experience and knowledge of the city and the whole country. All cars are provided on time in a good technical condition. Renting a car with a driver in our company is a fast and best quality service with a good price. Our managers will help you with selecting your car according to your wishes and desires.


Car rental Kyrgyzstan 4      
 Kyrgyzstan car rental 4

Car rent without a driver:

Car rent without a driver is very convenient for the tourists and those who came to our beautiful country for a business. If you use our services you will understand that car rent without a driver is a very convenient of moving around. In our company you can select the best car that will fit your desires. Car rent without a driver will help you to enjoy the freedom of movement. Our company guarantees high quality services of this kind.


Kyrgyzstan car rent 4      
 Kyrgyzstan rent 4


Sea-buckthorn wilds
On coming to Kyrgyzstan the people should know, that amid the tour they can rent a car and get to know that despite the fact that this - sea buckthorn wilds can be seen everywhere, it is little studied. According to the data for 2003, about 6.3 thousand hectares of sea buckthorn grow in the forests. But, unfortunately, human economic activity threatens its life. Kyrgyzstan car for rent opens the possibilities to show that it is a country of untapped actions. That great use and benefit can be derived even from such a familiar plant, and the issues of employment of the local population will be partially resolved, the ecology of the lake will be maintained at the proper level. Very often the guests show the desire to see these bushes; they take cars for rent and get to the lake, where they start to be totally amazed.

Animals of Kyrgyzstan
Nowadays almost all over the world suffers from the human actions, when the flora and fauna is on the brink of disappearing. During the trip of Kyrgyzstan car for rent the boarders will see that there are about 84 species of vertebrates and 16 thousand invertebrates, 400 species of birds, 73 species of fish and 34 species of reptiles. Today, we do not have to talk about the rich animal world of Kyrgyzstan seen all during the route on cars for rent. More than 100 species of animals and birds are in the Red book. Meanwhile, certain species of fauna are under threat of complete extinction. It is a great sadness but we have already lost the Turan tiger living on the territory of the country.  For now we need to tell about the Indian porcupine, living in deserts, savannas, forests and mountains. It can rise to a height of more than 3000 meters above sea level. The animal lives in crevices of rocks. It differs from its fellows with a white tail. As you can take Kyrgyzstan car rent service in account and see that preciously they were found in the Chui and Fergana valleys, but now trapped in the highlands. We need to change the attitude to the fauna and flora for the world not to disappear.

Welcome to travel in the country as a member of Kyrgyzstan car for rent adventure, where hot springs will give each traveler the opportunity to go on great walks, improve their health, enjoy the stunning scenery and swimming in warm waters. It is known that the main health resort of the country which can be seen at the time of Bishkek car rent offers is lake Issyk-Kul, where you can find healing mud, mineral and thermal  sources, hospitals and boarding houses. They treat the heart, digestive organs, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Depending on the diagnosis, patients are prescribed thalassotherapy, physical therapy, Charcot shower, mineral baths...On taking the prescriptions they usually contact us, choose the tour with rent car Kyrgyzstan opportunities and get there. Health resorts are located in Bosteri, Chok-tal, Cholpon-Ata, Tamchy. We truly can say that it is useful to take rehabilitation on Issyk-Kul, go diving and mountaineering, and of course horse-riding, as personally we can't imagine visiting the country without getting to know these wonderful animals.



Our company offers car rental services in Bishkek for many years and guarantees you the best conditions and an excellent stay in our country. We have a large selection of cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan. All our cars are in good condition, which guarantees your safety on the roads of Kyrgyzstan. Our car rental experts are ready to give you advice and answer any questions you may have about rent of cars in Kyrgyzstan. To use our services of car rent in Bishkek, you need to be over 25 years old, have a passport and driver's license. That's all! Within 5 minutes in our office or wherever you want to you we fulfill documents of car rent in Kyrgyzstan, then you will be given the keys - and your chosen car with a full tank of gasoline will be at your disposal! On our cars for rent you can go to wonderful places such as Issyk Kul, Son-Kul, Osh, Jalal-Abad, etc. Besides car rental services in Bishkek, you can also book with us and other tourist services such as hotels, tours, to make your stay in our country the most enjoyable and interesting. Our clients and partners are always happy with our quality service and excellent cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan.

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